PTO Mission Statement

To partner with the St. Peter School and Early Childhood Center faculty to enhance the educational and religious experience of all students.

Fundraising allows us to do many wonderful things for the teachers and students of St. Peter School and ECC. The PTO will be doing one fundraiser this year. This fall, we are excited to bring to you the sale of Halloween-themed planters and mums called Mumsters and Mumkins. They were a hit last year and are sure to be again!

PTO holds two book fairs each year which benefit the school library as well as each classroom.

With your support, the PTO is able to sponsor the annual Autumn Harvest, teacher conference dinner, Catholic School’s Week staff luncheon, Momberger Memorial Walk, class field trips, and is also able to provide monetary funds to various school-sponsored events throughout the year…just to name a few

Parental involvement is vital to our success!

If you would like to help, please contact the St. Peter PTO at [email protected].

For more information, please visit us on Facebook.

PTO 2022-2023 Calendar


2022-2023 PTO Board

  • President: Amanda Osborne
  • Vice President: Karen Armbruster
  • Treasurer: Sandra Liette 
  • Secretary: Blair Walsh
  • Teacher Appreciation Coordinator: Andrea Cabral 
  • Event Coordinator: Emily Stephens 
  • Principal & Pastoral Liaison: Jennifer Livesay 
  • Facebook Coordinator: Ashley Snell 
  • Book Fair Coordinator: Kellie Jobe
  • Childhood Center Teacher Representative: Tracy Riviello 
  • Day School Teacher Representative: Linda Espy