The attached permission form governs the use of your child’s picture in publicity items for St. Peter Parish/Church and School. This signed form will be kept on file for the school year. Signing the form “Yes” indicates that the parent/guardian agrees to the use of his/her/their child’s/children’s pictures in publicity items which may appear on the internet. Parental requests not to participate will be honored. Parents/Guardians will not hold the school, its personnel, and/or the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, or any of its personnel liable in the event of breach of this policy.

  • Parental Agreement Form
    • I/we have read the policy regarding the use of pictures of students in publicity items.
    • I/we understand that pictures may be used with identifying names and are for St. Peter Parish/ Church and School support only.
    • I/we agree to the policy stated above.
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