Up until 1956, the area now known as Huber Heights was mostly open farmland with approximately twenty Catholic families. Then in 1957, Mr. Huber built his first home. In 1960, St. Peter Parish was established as a result of the hard-working efforts of the members of the Catholic Community Club. In the ensuing years, the famous all-brick homes and the Catholic community have grown together by leaps and bounds.

Through the guidance of our first two Pastors, Father Leander Schweitzer and Father Victor Ries, St. Peter worked through an ambitious building program. After Father Schweitzer was appointed Pastor in1960, the parish began with a Rectory and Parish Office, which were located in a house on Rosalie Road. Two years later the auditorium/church was built on the 20 acres of farmland acquired by the Parish. The school/convent was built in 1963 and an eight-room addition was added in 1965.

When Father Victor Ries arrived in 1968, the second addition to the school was built. One of his first tasks was the building of the Rectory and Administration offices. In 1976 after much discussion and research, a fund-raising program for a new church began. In December 1979, our new St. Peter Church was dedicated. All of the above were accomplished through the volunteer and financial sacrifice of the growing St. Peter Parish.

In 1982 Father Lawrence Krusling was appointed our third Pastor. During his tenure some building projects continued. The former convent was remodeled to include kindergartens, labs and offices and the basement of the school was remodeled to include a Music and Art Room and two additional classrooms.

Of equal importance was Father Krusling’s emphasis on education and increasing participation of the lay members of the parish in the areas of liturgy, worship and spiritual life. With the guidance of Principal Rita Brinkman, St. Peter School earned the National School of Excellence Award. The offices of Coordinator of Religious Education, Youth Ministry and Adult Education Coordinator were established to address these growing needs. The “Christ Renews His Parish” program was begun, and Parish Council was re-established.

In 1992 Father Earl F. Simone became St. Peter’s fourth pastor. As the city of Huber Heights grew to over 11,000 residences and St. Peter Parish to more than 2,100 families, Father Simone has helped us improve and accommodate our ever-growing family. Commissions were formed to help organize the many new ministries being formed. In 1993 we added more classrooms, computer labs and remodeled the library and art room in the school. The parish also decided to initiate the fund drive to build a much needed Family Life Center to accommodate all our groups and activities.

The year of 1994 brought construction of the new building to include a Senior Citizen Center and the Early Childhood Center which houses preschool and daycare programs. In July 1995, Father Victor Ries retired and returned to St. Peter Parish. Father Ries died in his office on January 30, 2003, shortly after celebrating morning Mass.

On September 26, 1998, three new deacons were ordained from St. Peter Parish: Deacon Robert Correale, Deacon John Gould and Deacon Timothy Harris. They were assigned to St. Peter Parish on September 28, 1998 and joined Deacon Al Miller and Deacon Robert Borgerding in their duties as deacon. On September 29, 2001, Deacon Charles Wright was ordained as a deacon and assigned to St. Peter Parish.

In July 2003, Father Stephen Mondiek, newly ordained, was appointed as Parochial Vicar. His duties included working with the R.C.I.A. Program, vocation preparation, marriage preparation, spiritual direction, and visiting area hospitals and nursing homes. In July 2007, Father Steve completed his term at St. Peter Parish and was assigned as the Pastor to St. Ann Parish and St. Joseph Parish in Hamilton.

On April 24, 2004, Deacon Norbert Nagy was ordained as a deacon and assigned to St. Peter Parish. Deacon Bert continues his interest and work in adult education and faith formation; and, with Father Steve, directs the R.C.I.A. program for the parish. In September 2004, Deacon Robert Borgerding died after a long illness. Long-time parishioners fondly remembered Bob’s service and dedication to the parish, and gave thanks.

On April 28, 2007, Deacon Russell Baldwin was ordained as a deacon and assigned to St. Peter Parish. Deacon Rusty will be a member of the R.C.I.A. team and work with the Knights of Our Lady. In July 2007, Father Reynaldo Taylor, newly ordained, was appointed as Parochial Vicar. Father Taylor headed the R.C.I.A. Program, worked on marriage preparation, and was present throughout the parish and school. The following year Father Taylor was transferred to Immaculate Heart of Mary in Cincinnati.

The parish welcomed Father Patrick McMullen in July 2008. Father Patrick came from Holy Angels Church in Sidney. His duties include heading the R.C.I.A. Program, marriage preparation, spiritual direction, visiting area hospital and nursing home, and being present in both St. Peter Day School and the School of Religion. In January 2009, Deacon Robert Correale died after a long illness. Parishioners remember Bob’s service and dedication to the parish.

On April 24, 2010, three new deacons were ordained from St. Peter Parish: Deacon Robert Basye, Deacon Leo Cordonnier, and Deacon Daniel Wade. They were assigned to St. Peter Parish and join our other Deacons in service to the parish in the R.C.I.A. program and baptismal preparation. Deacon Cordonnier works with the Outreach and Ministry Commission, Deacon Basye visits new members of the parish, and Deacon Wade heads the Youth Ministry Program.

In December 2010, Deacon Jack Gould suddenly died. Jack will be remembered for his dedication to the parish and his attendance at the weekly school Masses and wonderful homilies to the school children. And in March 2011, Deacon Al Miller died. Al had been a Deacon at St. Peter Parish for over 25 years. His many years of service to the parish will never be forgotten.

In August 2011, as the parish welcomed Father Robert Hadden and Father Ken Hummel, we were saying goodbye to Father McMullen as headed down to Our Lady of the Visitation Church in Cincinnati.

In the spring of 2012, Deacon Bob Basye moved to Florida where he is still performing his Deacon duties. In July 2012, Father Hummel left the parish to become pastor of Sacred Heart Church in New Carlisle. In residence at St. Peter are Father Joseph Kindel and Father Matthew Robben. Father Joe is the hospital chaplain at Miami Valley Hospital. Father Matt works in the Office of Ministry and Service at Chaminade-Julienne School and will serve as chaplain. In October of 2012, Deacon Robert Kozlowski transferred to St. Peter.

On April 27, 2013, two new deacons were ordained from St. Peter Parish: Deacon Robert Gutendorf and Deacon David McCray. They were assigned to St. Peter Parish and joined our other Deacons in service to the parish in the R.C.I.A. program and baptismal preparation. In spring of 2013, Deacon Russell Baldwin transferred to Emmanuel Church in Dayton.

In July 2014, Father Simone became Pastor of the four North Dayton churches: Holy Cross Parish, Our Lady of the Rosary Parish, St. Adalbert Parish, St. Stephens Parish; while still maintaining his position of Pastor at St. Peter Parish.

In June 2015, Father Simone retired as Pastor. The parish said goodbye to Father Hadden, who became Pastor at Holy Redeemer Church in New Bremen. Father Robben left the parish and is the Pastor at St. Peter and Paul in Reading.

Father Anthony Cutcher, Pastor, and Father Ethan Moore, Parochial Vicar, were assigned to St. Peter Parish in July 2015. Father Cutcher has previously been the Parochial Vicar at St. Peter Parish 1999 to 2002. Father Ethan was ordained in May 2015 and St. Peter is his first assignment.