Saint Peter has an active National Junior Honor Society. This organization encourages academic excellence while also developing other characteristics essential to citizens in a democracy. The five pillars or ideals the chapter maintains and looks for in its members include character, service, citizenship, leadership, and scholarship.

To be eligible for membership students must have completed three quarters on first honors and demonstrate they have a desire to render service, develop character, encourage citizenship, promote leadership, and maintain scholarship. Candidates are reviewed by the junior high teachers and inductions are held in the fall and spring. We currently have eleven members in our chapter.

Every year the NJHS conducts a fundraiser to support a different charity. Past charities supported include Water for Good, Haiti Outreach Ministries, Wounded Warriors, Hospice of Dayton, Children’s Hospital, and Hair for Kids. Members also perform other service projects during the year as they “pledge to uphold the purposes of the National Junior Honor Society”.  
National Junior Honor Society members are examples of leaders and show their good character and citizenship by striving to improve our school, community, and world.

Alyssa Ackroyd
Presley Cattabiani
Kaitlynn Cross
Lacy Liette
Evan McCormick
Casey Nguyen
Colin Schmuck
Gabe Taylor
Ben Teague
Lee Turner