The ministry of usher involves a variety of duties including seating worshippers, collecting money, guiding Communion processions, and distributing bulletins after Mass. Contact Josh Mihelcic at 937.478.4108 Usher Schedule November 2020 … Read more about Ushers


Servers must be at least in the fifth grade to volunteer for this ministry and have completed the training course to serve at mass. Contact Nick Clune at 937.233.1503. … Read more about Servers

Shepherds of Christ Ministry

The primary focus of this group is the circulation of a spiritual newsletter mainly to priests. The second focus is to pray for the needs of priests, the Church, and the world. Other programs include promoting the act of consecration to the hearts of Jesus and Mary; praying the rosary, which … Read more about Shepherds of Christ Ministry


The sacristans work with the pastor and the associates by taking care of the Sacristy and its contents and performing other duties the pastor request. Contact Nick Clune at 937.233.1503. … Read more about Sacristans

Music Ministry

"The faith of countless believers has been nourished by melodies flowing from the hearts of other believers, either introduced into the liturgy or used as an aid to dignified worship. In song, faith is experienced as vibrant joy, love and confident expectation of the saving intervention of God" … Read more about Music Ministry


Lectors assist by proclaiming the Scriptures at Mass and other special liturgical services such as Reconciliation and Evensong. Contact Annette Hanf at 235-6398. SP Lector Schedule November 2020 … Read more about Lectors

Eucharistic Ministers

The Eucharistic Ministers assist the priests and deacons in distributing Holy Communion at Mass and at Communion Services. Contact Curt Niebrugge at 937.238.1693. SP Eucharistic Minister October and November 2020 … Read more about Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic Adoration/Exposition

As Catholics, we believe that the Eucharist is the Presence of Christ and is, therefore, sacred. Eucharistic Adoration is time spent with Christ in the form of the Blessed Sacrament. It is time spent in serenity, in the warmth and love of His presence. It is time for experiencing the quiet and peace … Read more about Eucharistic Adoration/Exposition

Bereavement Committee

The Bereavement Committee includes three phases of ministry - liturgical, practical, and supportive. In the liturgical phase, parishioners meet with the bereaved family and assist in planning the readings and music for the funeral. Volunteers sing at funeral masses; and provide and serve meals to … Read more about Bereavement Committee

Adult Servers

Adult Servers are scheduled for the 6:30 a.m. weekday Masses.  Contact Jerry Rigot at 233-2525. The following servants of Christ helping with the Church functions on a servant level are requested to arrive at the church sacristy before Mass so that the sacristy and alter duties can be … Read more about Adult Servers