The primary focus of this group is the circulation of a spiritual newsletter mainly to priests. The second focus is to pray for the needs of priests, the Church, and the world. Other programs include promoting the act of consecration to the hearts of Jesus and Mary; praying the rosary, which includes a special program regarding the rosary and the act of Consecration for school children; encouraging residents of prisons and nursing homes to pray for priests, the Church, and the world; and publishing books, cassette tapes, and other materials to help ongoing work of spiritual renewal.

The mission is closely connected to Our Lady of Fatima’s mission. They hope to lay a major role in helping to bring fulfillment of the Peace Plan of Our Lady of Fatima. There are levels of commitment, which range from “Associates” who meet and pray once a month, to “Handmaids of the Good Shepherd” (women) and “Servants of the Good Shepherd” (men) who live in community. Contact Eileen Romie at 235-1251.