• Friendly Visitor: Provides social interaction or companionship to the homebound through talking, reading letters or books, reminiscing or playing games in their own home on a regular basis.
  • Telephone Reassurance: A daily or frequent telephone call gives reassurance and relieves homebound persons of loneliness, depression, and fear of an accident or illness and having no one to find them.
  • Transportation: Offers a ride to doctors’ appointments, bank, library, drugstore errands, grocery shopping or a ride to Sunday Mass.
  • Respite Care: Provides to the family caregiver short-term (2 or 3 hours) relief from the ongoing demands of caring for the loved ones.
  • Chore Services: Assists with light housekeeping, vacuuming, grocery shopping, also mowing the lawn and minor household repairs (i.e. carpentry, plumbing).
  • Support Program to Family Caregivers: Education program in caring issues; caring for the caregivers.
  • St. Vincent DePaul Society:Responds to the needy in our community with financial help through the generosity of parishioner donations.

Contact the Parish Administration Office at 937.233.1503.

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**We appreciate our volunteers and any help you can give is greatly appreciated.**