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St. Peter Parish Volunteer Child Protection Policy

As a parish we have devoted tremendous energy and resources to the safety of our young members. Thus the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and St. Peter Parish recognizes the need to address child abuse and attempt to protect out children through the Decree on Child Protection. The following are the policies as it pertains to volunteering with our children at St. Peters.

“A volunteer is the one who is over the age of eighteen years and has contact with children in any interactive activity for three hours or more per month at St. Peter’s Parish.” This includes all occasional volunteers, such as a driver or chaperone for individual activities. No volunteer has the right to insist on a particular volunteer position. A volunteer may not have contact with the children until (a) an acceptable background check through is completed and the results obtained by St. Perter Parish and (b) they must attend the VIRTUS workshop on child protection. The results of the background check can take approximately one week. Once the results of the background check are received by the Pastor of St. Peter Parish, and they have attended the workshop, the volunteer will then receive a badge showing they have been approved and then they may volunteer with children. Questions may be directed to St. Peter Church at 937.237.3526. 2014 – 2015 Session times are available below.

In order to obtain background check instructions, please see opposite side of page.

Orientation Sessions – School Room 212

You MUST register for this program at in order to attend. NO ADMITTANCE if you are not registered or once program begins. No children will be permitted during program. Sessions last 3 hours.

For questions call 937.237.3526, Ext. 2

After attending a VIRTUS session you will be required as part of ongoing training to go to and access your account and read and respond to monthly bulletins. If after three months you have not completed these training bulletins your child protection approval will be suspended and you must contact Safe Environment Coordinator and may have to attend another VIRTUS session.