Business Manager

Responsible for all administrative functions of the Churches and schools including accounting, personnel, facilities, maintenance, general communications to school and church members, and clerical functions.


Because all Archdiocesan employees represent the Roman Catholic Church, they are expected to conduct themselves according to the goals and mission of the Church in performing their work.

The following tasks are considered essential functions of the position. To perform the job successfully an employee must possess the abilities and aptitude to perform each duty proficiently.


  • Participates in development of annual budget; ensures expenditures throughout year comply with approved budget.
  • Oversees maintenance of accurate records concerning financial transactions including book keeping of school and parish; ensure required Church and government reports are filed as necessary. Assists in preparation and presentation of financial reports as required including active participation in the Finance Council
  • Oversees payroll, ensuring employees are paid in accordance with appropriate laws, and payroll reports are filed as necessary.


  • Participates with priests and principal in developing personnel policies and benefits appropriate to the Church’s and school’s circumstances.
  • Selects, trains, and supervises office and maintenance personnel.
  • Coordinates benefits issues with Archdiocesan Human Resources Department.
  • Resolves employee relations problems; assists employees in filing for benefits (e.g., retirement, insurance).

Facilities (through supervision of Maintenance Supervisors)

  • Recommends major repairs, remodeling and construction requiring expenditures in excess of budget to the Pastor and Finance Council; coordinates repair/construction activities to ensure they are made on time and within budget.
  • Responsible for the maintenance, cleanliness, timely repair and/or replacement of all parish property including school as one of the main ministries of the parish.
  • Established and maintains an inventory of equipment and supplies, and arranges for replacement as needed; purchases equipment and supplies, ensuring quality consistent with cost and service.
  • Coordinates set-ups for events and meetings with the committees, school faculty and maintenance staff.
  • Supervises the gardening service and maintenance of the grounds.
  • Follows up to see that purchases and repairs are completed on schedule.
  • Maintains a schedule of pest control for all buildings.


  • Supervises orderly maintenance of all records.
  • Ensures effective clerical support for priests and others; provides training and guidance to clerical staff as necessary.
  • Works with volunteers to assist in various administrative and office duties.
  • Supervises the maintenance of a master calendar and implements the schedule use of facilities in accordance with the scheduled events.
  • Maintains confidential personnel records and reports.
  • Works with Pastor and Principal in coordinating and participating in job interviews


Oversees preparation, printing and distribution of all publications, including on-line presence (e.g., Bulletin, website, Facebook, YouTube and special reports as needed.)


  • Maintains effective working relationships with school staff to coordinate activities as appropriate.
  • Acts as a resource person for Church and school employees, members and others.
  • Reviews procedures and develops new methods to improve efficiency or reduce costs; oversees implementation of computers and software including identifying where they would be most useful; ensures staff is trained and systems properly utilized.
  • Actively supports philosophy and goals of the Church; attends services; assists with ministries and similar activities in school and parish
  • Performs related duties as required.



Education and Experience

To perform effectively in this position, the incumbent is required to have a working knowledge of budgets, accounting, facilities management, basic personnel and related laws. Must have a bachelor degree in business management or related field.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of:

  • Personnel and payroll policies, practices and procedures
  • Basic accounting principles and procedures
  • Church philosophy, principles and teachings

Skill in:

  • Organization and long range planning
  • Supervision
  • Facilities management
  • Oral and written communication: For positions requiring bi-lingual skills, the incumbent must also be fluent in English and Spanish or other required language. Communicate fluently in English and Spanish. Must read, write, read and speak Spanish
  • Effective and timely communication with parish including pastor, principal, faculty, staff and committees such as the Finance Council.
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Publisher, Access)

Ability to:

  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Sit for sustained periods of time on a daily basis
  • Occasionally lift up to 20 pounds
  • Perform tasks requiring intermittent bending, stooping and walking
  • Sustain frequent movement of the fingers, wrists, hands and arms