Holy Cross Roman Catholic Lithuanian Church was established May 1, 1914. The name of Holy Cross was chosen because Lithuania is known as the land of the crosses. It is said that the St. Peter’s Society which was organized December 7, 1902 bought the land on which the church now sits for $1,500.00. In November 1964 the church was remodeled in time for its Golden Jubilee celebration and is the structure you see today.

Among the most outstanding features of the interior of this Church are the carved wooden side altars and beautiful stained glass windows. Carved by a local parishioner, the wooden side altars are similar to the wayside shrines that one would find in various locations in Lithuania and are an important part of the Lithuanian Catholic culture.

Outside, on the grounds of Holy Cross, sits the Shrine of Crosses. It serves to remind us not only of Calvary and the sacrifice of our Lord, but also the Hill of Crosses pilgrimage center in Lithuania- a testimony to the enduring faith of the Lithuanian people.

On June 22, 2014, Holy Cross held its 100th Anniversary Celebration Mass with Bishop Joseph R. Binzer as Main Celebrant.