December 2, 2018

Luke 21:25-28, 34-36

Once again we are in the Advent season. A season of waiting for the Lord, preparing for his coming and to grow in intimacy with the Lord. I was listening to a sermon and found that it was a childhood experience that all of us go through. That priest tells about his trips to grandma’s farm and grandma told them not to play in the barn. They could play all over the place, but were not to get into the barn. So, it was out of curiosity, disobeying the grandma they went and played in the barn. Once they went there and climbed some of the loosely stacked hay bales, they came down and they were trapped between the bales. It was impossible to move them and they needed help to get out. They started screaming for help and finally grandma came in and helped them get out. It was due to their own doing that they got trapped. They were so ashamed of what they had done and grandma politely took them back to the house and warned them of their wrong doings. Jesus comes to us for we are trapped because of our wrong doings. He wants to save us.

Jesus wants to save us and we are trapped due to our own wrong doings. I remember some of my companions who had put up a beautiful drama where Jesus comes to visit. One evening as the person is getting ready to go for a party, Jesus comes in. He has a date, they want to drink and thereafter where it will end God alone knows. So the person now has the company of Jesus. The person starts making excuses. Tells Jesus, “If you were to tell that you are coming, if you had given me a call before and so on”. Then the conversation between the girl and boy on one side and another side were trying to convince Jesus He could come again. Then, Jesus says He is ready to come with him. Oh God what will happen now! He knows that place is not meant for Jesus and after the party there are other hidden plans. How will he take him there? Then he tries to convince Jesus what all things he has in the house that could entertain Jesus? But Jesus is not interested in any of the things. From the beginning until the end it was a very nice play with lots of fun and laughter. I think all of us would become a laughing stock if Jesus came to visit our home today. Right now, uninformed Jesus knocks on our door. “Oh no! Why did you come?” “You should have given me a call or I could have come to see you.” We could have arranged for a meeting at the coffee shop. But that is not the way it works. He comes when he wishes to come and at a place that is pleasing to Him. Finally the drama ends by crucifying Jesus to the wall and the person goes away telling Jesus to be on the cross till he returns.

That is why this time of the year being advent is meant for taking out our garbage. Taking certain decision to live and clean life. Taking steps to be closer to the lord. Every profession has a time for upgrading and renewal. This is the time to upgrade ourselves in being closer to the Lord so that we are not caught by surprise. There is a time for stock taking, cleaning up and recycling in every situation. And we know when this does not happen we all know what happens and there is no place even for the ambulance to come in. If something happens people won’t know where to find you because the place is so full of garbage.

Some time back a family took me for dinner after the mass and a little one did not want to have desert. I was shocked this child is not fond of ice cream. They warned me many times, “please don’t say the name of ice cream in front of our child.” But this little one is so different and declared that she does not want to have desert. But this is so different and I asked her why and she told me that it is advent and she is preparing to receive Jesus and has decided not to have desert during advent. Many of us I know will make this journey during advent spending more time in prayer, going for confession, keeping away from some negative habits, doing some retreats, taking up some pilgrimages and doing charity in so many ways. Today is the time to decide to let us spend some time and make those decisions and stand by them. Let us be ready to receive Christ whenever He comes and the way He comes. Let our homes, work place, family, and hearts be open to receive Him.