Family Involvement

At St. Peter Early Childhood Center, we believe that building a relationship between parents and teachers is the foundation for the child’s positive experiences in school. Families are their children’s first teachers and they have a powerful effect on their young children’s development. Family engagement during the first years of life can support a preschool child’s readiness for school and ongoing academic and lifelong success.

Your participation is eagerly welcomed in our program. Your involvement can take many forms. Some ways in which you may choose to participate include, but are not limited to:

Help us get to know you

Prior to the first day of school we encourage families to:

  • Visit your classroom to meet the teacher.
  • Provide information about your child’s interests, favorite toys, nap routines, likes and dislikes.
  • For children whose first language is not English, provide a list of words or phrases in the child’s native language.
  • Share your goals and priorities for your child.
  • Provide photographs of your families for display in the classroom where children can easily see them.

Maintain Open Communication

Copies of the classroom routine and activities are posted on parent bulletin boards outside the preschool rooms. It is helpful for you to review activities planned for the day with your child. This is a great way to talk with your child about his/her day. *Because the curriculum is planned in advance, some changes based on spontaneous learning opportunities, children’s interests, and needs can be expected.

Each child will have a backpack for communication such as newsletters, homework, or important notices from the school office. Please check your child’s backpack daily.

A Parent bulletin board is available with announcements for you to view and read. Please take the time to scan the parent board regularly to keep informed on what is happening in the Preschool.

We encourage you to provide our Center with an email address. This can facilitate timely communication and notification of special classroom and Center events.

We will also host a page on Facebook and maintain our website and Preschool App where happenings and pictures will be posted on to the members of page.

Sharing information is not always easy since parents and teachers are busy. If you have a concern or special insight that would help us with your child, please visit or email your child’s teacher, call and leave a message, or drop a note for the director at the office.

This will make things go smoother for your child, you, and the Center.

*** Your input is very important and always welcomed***


Proper parent communication is imperative when working with young children. It is difficult to communicate when cell phones are in use. Please end all calls prior to entering the building.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Please feel free to talk to your child’s teacher in the classroom or drop a note at the office to request a call back or note of response. Parents are expected to escort their child to the classroom. This is a good time to share a comment or a few words with the teacher of special joys, sorrows, or change in routine for your child. Since it is necessary for the teacher to devote their time during the school day to the children, we ask that you please set a conference appointment if you need to confer with a teacher at length.

Formal Individual Parent Teacher conferences are held twice a year. Conferences for the school year will be held in the Fall and in the Spring. During this time, you will review the Developmental and Academic summary of your child. You will also have the opportunity to provide input on setting goals and monitoring your child’s progress. Teachers will share ways in which you can support your child’s development at home.


School officials will discuss the child’s progress with parents or those they designate.  Privacy Acts prevents discussing a child’s progress with aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents or other persons.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Field trip supervision
  • Classroom coordinator
  • Attending or planning parent workshops/events
  • Visit the classroom (share special talents, read aloud, guest speaker-community helper)
  • Contribute snacks or supplies (ask your child’s teacher)

Volunteers:  VIRTUS Information –Safe Environment for Children

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati requires all regularly scheduled volunteers to participate in a VIRTUS Training Session, be current in VIRTUS training bulletins/modules, and obtain a background check through For more information, visit the school office.

Upon entering the building, the parent must check-in at the office.

Get Involved in the PTO

The PTO is made up parents from the ECC and the elementary school.

What does the PTO do?  We organize and fund events such as Autumn Harvest, field trips to Victoria Theater for some of the ECC classes, family movie night, book fairs, staff appreciation luncheon, and much more.

How do they do it? We do it all with help from parents just like you and through our fundraisers, which this year is only one-the mum sale.

How can you get involved? Email [email protected] to be added to the volunteer list.  We will ask for help with food item donations, help at book fair, etc.

St. Peter ECC Evaluation

Parents have an opportunity to evaluate the Early Childhood Center on an annual basis.  These evaluations are very important to improving the program.  Please take time to complete our online surveys.