25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Back in January of this year an earnings report was posted for investors and economics to get their hands on and it stated that a very strong quarter was made by social media giant Facebook. This caused the shares of this publicly traded company to soar, so much so that in literally one day’s time, founder and co-Ceo Mark Zuckenburg made an estimated 6 billion dollars in that single 24 period. It is reported that Mark is worth an estimated 47.6 billion dollars at his early retirement age of 32. No big deal, I mean I just hope I have enough money in my wallet to buy a schnitzel and a beer after Mass today. The question should be asked what is money really good for? Yes we need it for our house payments, it’s nice to have for our vacations, and its necessary for our groceries, but does it make us who we are?

What we have and really what we don’t have is a gift from God and therefore what we do with what we have should be ordered toward giving. How do we live life as a gift? It begins with a relationship.

KOHLS run on black pants—who’s your best friend? My dad.

When we recognize, yeah I’m made in the image and likeness of God, He is the one I serve, forget this mammon thing—mammon rhymes with salmon and that just sounds smelly. To serve God is to come alive as His son, as His daughter. For those that know they are serving the Lord it doesn’t matter if what they do is no big deal or a really big deal, if it gets no recognition or tons of recognition all that matters is they find God in all things, it’s all a gift and stopping to thank God can really change our outlook. Having gratitude prepares our hearts to receive God’s presence in our present moment.