During my childhood there was a Nickelodeon cartoon that I watched on a regular basis entitled Pinky and the Brain. This colorful show followed two genetically enhanced mice around as they came up with grand schemes on how to take over the world. Brain as you can tell by his name—was the mastermind behind their plots for global domination and Pinky was the kind but feebleminded sidekick that foiled all of their attempts for power. The show which was fun on many levels begged the real question of what is the point of having power anyways?

IN a world dominated by media headlines that leave our heads spinning and a constant buzz about elections and candidates—it makes one wonder what is it really all about? The Church enters the conversation from an angle that focuses less on the momentary and more on the eternal. WE live in the world but we are not of the world. We have a vested interest with what can happen in the future, but our focus should be less on economics and more on the workings of the Spirit. This perspective isn’t just a kitschy church idea but a legitimate demand of the Lord upon us who claim Him as our Savior.

A Christian isn’t just another person who blends into the fold, looks no different, talks no different, is interested in all the same things as everyone else—actually a follower of Christ is given power to be so much more. Jesus said the “The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few…so I am sending you out. ” This message is for you and for me to take seriously if we consider what we are truly here for. Far from a genetically modified lab rat as St. Luke states we have actually been clothed with power from on high. Just as the Holy Spirit came upon Mary at the Annunciation and the life of God, the life of Jesus was made tangible in the world, so too during every sacrament of the Church the Holy Spirit comes down upon those present and we are given the presence of God and then given the grace to make that presence known.

So what does that mean for us? That we have been given power not to become the next president of the United States of America, although if someone here would want to run, I can tell you right now, that you’d have my vote—but so that we can do the work of the Lord, which in reality is more important than leading the greatest nation in the world, because what we are doing is directing souls to the eternal world to come. This wasn’t a limited call for only the first 72 disciples that we heard about in our gospel but our own personal mission handed down to everyone of us as a response to living our faith.

When they had returned they were overjoyed and sharing the wonders that were done through their prayer and witness. Often we have no idea, what to say or do, and that is perfectly normal and ok the key is just to put ourselves out there and be not afraid. I was recently with a friend who showed me a picture of a 5 year old girl named Shemaya with tears of joy in eyes she told me with all humility she’ll never forget the day she met Shemaya’s mother on the street outside the abortion mill in Philadelphia and after an intense conversation the woman who was homeless, desperate, already the mother of a two, decided to keep her baby. My friend said she had no idea what to say but the Spirit inspired her and the miracle of life was persevered. There is nothing more fulfilling than living out our call to be a disciple. My brothers and sisters we are capable of equally marvelous things if we simply pray and make ourselves available to the Lord. True power is displayed not in ruling over governments or dominating political structures but in the sacrifice of people who are willing to live all for Jesus. I invite you to pray for a divine appointment this next week, which is to just ask the Lord to bring you one opportunity to witness to the faith and make his presence known through your words and actions. We are his laborers let us go out into that great harvest He has prepared for us.

As we celebrate our nation, our freedom, and our independence let us not forget to celebrate our faith by giving thanks to God who has given us the power and the potential to be citizens not just of this world but of the one to come for in Christ who is all powerful displays His might in the sacrifice of His love of you and me.